CASHFI functions as an affiliate organisation of the International Union for Housing Finance and the Inter-American Housing Union.

An affiliate of both the International Union for Housing Finance (IUHF), and the Inter-American Housing Union, the Association had the full support of the two Unions at its organizational meeting held in Washington D.C. on November 1, 1984.  The late Secretary General of the International Union, Norman Strunk, in his address to the meeting, envisioned the Caribbean Association serving as part of the international architecture along with the Inter-American Union, The European Federation of Building Societies, the Asian-Pacific Federation and the African Union. The presence of 15 high level senior representatives of nine non-Caribbean countries/organisations at the inaugural meeting of CASHFI reflected an expression of solidarity with the Caribbean group.  Of the 40 delegates witnessing the birth of CASHFI, 23 represented island countries of the Caribbean Basin, with the others headed by then President of the International Union, Dr. Willi-Dieter Osterbrauck (Germany) and President of the Inter-American Union, Dr. Jose Roberto Talio (Argentina).


The Association’s objectives:

a)  To promote the principles of savings and home ownership and assist in the establishment and development of housing finance institutions in the Caribbean area, including Bermuda and the Bahamas.

b)  To assist through advice, consultation and recommendations, in improving housing standards in the Caribbean area.

c)  To cooperate, by way of consultation and advice, with governments of the Caribbean and with international organisations in meeting housing needs.

d)  To promote the role and functions of housing finance institutions, and to assist, where appropriate, in the establishment of national associations of housing finance institutions.

e)  To develop information, human resource development programmes and undertake research relevant to home ownership and infrastructure for people to work, produce and live in a healthy and safe way.